Gerald Hasselbrink

St. Cloud, Minnesota



Autism Awareness



This site is dedicated to those who have been affected by autism.  All of us.


One goal of this web site is to promote an awareness of autism so that persons with autism can be recognized, understood, respected, and protected in our homes, communities, and institutions.


Another goal is to assist those who are newly involved with this difficult life situation.  The printable documents provide samples of useful tools intended to improve safety and understanding.


Autism is not always readily apparent.  On the surface, in everyday situations, a person with autism may be assumed to be fully functioning, when, in fact, he or she is substantially limited, vulnerable, and likely unaware of common dangers.

The number of people with autism who are living in the community has grown in recent years, and will continue to grow.

In your work, your schools, and in your community, you will encounter persons with autism. 

Click the links in this web site for more information about how you can help recognize and protect people with autism and other developmental disabilities.  And become involved with efforts in your own community to protect persons with autism.